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Fascination by Wild-Hearts

wow! This new style is great! However, there are a few tiny little pointers that I would like to say, just to help you improve! I dont ...

Cherry Pond by TheGreatandMightyOz

This is a very good peice, the background is outstanding!!! What I would like to say, just to help you improve, is that the head is a t...


.. But what is it? by shadowdachampionpony
.. But what is it?
So this is a veeerrryyy belated birthday present for my best friend Katie, of her baby pone Tristan. He's very very very gorgeous in real life.

As you can see, he's not quite decided what colour he want's so be yet ;) .... those spots were so frustrating!! :giggle:

I've been wanting to do a picture from this angle/involving water for some time, so I'm glad I finally for round to finishing this! :phew:

Artwork (c) Me
No brushes or references used

Well This Is Awkward...

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 10, 2012, 12:37 PM

Hey Guys!!!

Wow, its been.... SO long! And i'm so sorry for that, 'tis just been so hectic! :faint: With college and all.... Just finished my first topic of Inside/Outside... I did the human mind, like schitzofrenia etc :S  (lol wow I can so spell that....)

BUT ANYWAY, on with the upates! :iconimhappyplz:

So, on the side of sociality and jazz like that... You may have read in my last journal about "My Matt Man"? Yeah so we broke up... I apparently cheated on him whilst I was drunk on my birthday. My male friend kissed me at midnight for my birthday. Like. Yeah. So I lost multiple friends over than, AND he dumped me, only to find out months later he was only loooking for an excuse as he has cheated on me with multiple people, but felt better to make me feel like the villan. What a babe. Im not going to play the "I never liked him anyway" card, because I did, I loved him but he fucked me over so yeah. Up yours baby boy :awwh:
   So since then (We broke up in November), my friend set me up with her friend Tom. Again I thought that it felt right but alas no. Pretty much same story only I didnt do squat this time. Not that I did before. But hey, whatever, I've moved on xD So yeah, Evie is single once again :) And happy about it actually, I'd rather not have my heart boken again thanks xD :heart:

So.... I kidn of have to give up Arrow :/ As I mentioned before, he only can be ridden when accompanied by another horse due to his lack of proper weaning and schooling... and lack of school o_o. But yes. So the girl I used to ride with has found herself a new share, forcing me to look for something new :hmm: And I may have found something.... My mate Laura, who is coincedentaly my ex riding instructress has offered me a share of her horse Sky - 7yrs, fully schooled, 15.1hh Dapple Grey Cob type (I'll have to ask what exactly!)  but Laura wants me to compete her and stuff, so Im MAJORLY looking forward to that, she looks like a little diamond, jumping and outlining perfectly :) Going to try her out on Friday so wish me luck! She'll be mine one day a week during term time then more at holidays and stuff if it goes well! :) Reeaalllyy gonna miss Arrow but hey :hmm:

So yeah, this is the important one I suppose :giggle:
As you know, I took GCSE art and for an A*, and have carried it on to AS, just handed in my first topic of Inside/Outside... Went okay I suppose :/ Wasnt too passionate about it so meh! But my new topic is myths, stories and songs.... so guess what I'm doing..... MYTHOLOGICAL CREATURES! ie. UNICORNS, PEGASI, etc!!! And I especially love the idea of Sleipnir - The 8 legged horse of Odin, king of the gods and father of Thor! :D
SO THATS WHY, I havent been on DA much, I'm so sorry for that, I need to get real life sorted, tis just been so hectic :hmm: But this means more horse art so I may aswell upload it here for you all to see :) So expect horse art! Also, its half term so I'll try and do something for you all! :glomp:

I've missed you all so much!


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Hai. Im Evie/Shadow/Championy/Ringo. I'm 19 years of Age. Birthday 1st November. Residence?? ENGLAND. :giggle: Occupation? Horses, Music And Art... End of. Welcome to my DeviantArt! :love:

:heart: :
Horses, Cows, Friends, London, Arrow, Izzy, Theme parks, Fancy Dress, Birthdays, Christmas, Photoshop, my Tablet(:aww:), Rain, Country, Mud, Art, Pencils, Dogs, Cold, Metal(As in the music variety), My characters, Parelli, Scottish folk music (Metal version of Loch Lombre is HEAVEN), Flourescent colours, Unnaturally coloured hair (WHOOP!.. Mine's green ;) :bulletgreen:), MAKEUP!(Cant live without it), Straightners... etc

X :
Watercolours, Cats, Art theft, Homework, Deadlines, Backstabbers, Manwhores(lol!), Animal abusers, Grades, Sandpaper, Sewing, Inperfection, Hamsters... etc

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Haha I got outta the habit of coming here in 2011, and it's taken three years to even start catching up. XD I IS GEWD! Well, generally. X3 Life has its ups and downs, but it's on a decent up right now haha. I MISS E'RRYONE ;o; It's been so long since I talked to so many people and it makes me sad lol
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Poorly sung?! It sounded great in my head! :rofl:

And same!!! It's awful - I've lost contact with everyone I used to be friends with on here except the few on facebook! So many ups and downs, so much stress! I've just moved home from uni for the summer back to the country.... It's so weird! xD
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